Refer EJF to a friend or family member on another HOA Board and earn a discount on management fees for your property AND gift cards for your entire board!

What is EJF’s Board Referral Program?

Our exclusive Board Referral Program is the first of its kind in the DC area.  It allows any Board Member in a currently-managed EJF property to refer a friend or family member from another area HOA for potential management by EJF. If your referral results in a contract, EJF will give a 10% discount on one month’s management fee for your property AND a $50 Home Depot gift card to every board member, up to a maximum of six members.

How Do You Get Paid?

Using our official referral forms, our program will pay you for every HOA Board you refer to us, who signs an agreement with EJF for property management.  Want to refer two HOA boards and they both sign contracts?  That’s a 10% discount off two consecutive month’s management fees (or a 20% discount on one month’s management fee) and $100 Home Depot gift cards for each member of your board! Referring three boards?  No problem, that’s a 30% discount on one month’s management fee and $150 gift cards for each your board members.  With no limits on the number of referrals you can earn!

Association discounts earned will be applied to your property’s management fee within 3 months of each signed referral contract.

Board Member Home Depot Cards will be distributed to each address (email or mailing address) on record for each referring board member as detailed in the program sign-up.

How Much Can You Earn?

Within 90 days of execution of association management contracts, we provide:
  • Each Member of Your Board (up to 6 members): $50 Home Depot card per contract
  • Your Association:  10% discount on one month’s management fee per contract

How Do I Get Started?

Simply submit the Board Member Referral Form here.  You must submit one form for each referral. A Customer Service representative will be in touch with additional details.