EJF Real Estate

EJF Real Estate Services traces its origins to the 1920s, when Edmund J. Flynn introduced the concept of housing cooperatives to Washington, DC. The Edmund J. Flynn Company was the pioneering force behind a great number of the area's premiere cooperative and condominium associations and was directly involved in the development or conversion of many of Washington’s finest buildings.

Edmund J. Flynn

Since that time, the Edmund J. Flynn Company has established itself as Washington DC’s industry leader in all aspects of cooperative home ownership. It continues to serve the DC area through its settlement and transfer services, maintaining ownership records for hundreds of cooperative associations.

In his landmark publication, Best Addresses, A History of Apartment Living in Washington (Washington, Smithsonian Books, 1988), James Goode notes:

“A great deal of the information came from the extensive files of the Edmund J. Flynn Company. The leading co-op apartment house Realtor to emerge in the 1920s was Edmund J. Flynn (1889-1983). It specialized in both selling co-op units and converting rental apartment houses to co-op status. Some 58 were converted. Flynn’s success was due in part to his two iron-clad rules: the land must be owned by the co-op, not held on a ground lease, and the apartment’s unit price must include the building’s mortgage, not just the down payment. In addition, Flynn always opposed setting aside part of the co-op building for rental space.”

DC-Is-Our-HomeIn 1996, the Edmund J. Flynn Company's real estate and property management departments branched off to form a separate company. Choosing to honor the connection with its parent company, this new business became EJF Real Estate Services, Inc. Mr. Flynn's legacy of real estate expertise, personalized service, and ethical business practices lives on today through the hard work of EJF's dedicated staff.