EJF Real Estate Services would like to thank our vendors for the services they have provided to our many managed communities over the years. EJF is always looking to add to our stable of vendors but is of course obligated to properly screen vendors for insurance and proper licensing. Due to the volume of vendors and level of review it takes to properly screen and track annual compliance, we have decided to outsource the vetting and oversight of our vendors to a 3rd party specializing in vendor compliance named Vendor Information Verification Experts (VIVE).

VIVE specializes in certifying vendors in the community management industry. Registration is mandatory for your business to continue to service all EJF’s managed properties. Registration should be completed at your earliest convenience to establish your status as an Approved Vendor.


The registration process is streamlined, typically taking less than 15 minutes to complete and requires the following:

  • Corporate Information
  • Trade & License Information
  • Insurance Information
  • Complete a W-9 & Vendor Agreement
  • Pay Annual Fee

If you need assistance with the registration process or have questions, please contact VIVE’s experienced team at (844) 476-8038.

Vendor Benefits to Registering with VIVE:

  • It’s simple, Fast & Easy
  • Approval is good for 12 months
  • Community Managers will be able to access vendors based on project specification


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