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Investors who choose properties in Columbia Heights know that it's critical to work with an experienced provider of Columbia Heights association management services. When you work with professionals, you'll experience better income—and avoid common mistakes that can take away from your profits. 

Association property management goes beyond merely managing properties and renters. In addition to those services, your association management company comes alongside your board to provide much-needed support. From managing your community's finances and administrative tasks to providing onsite property management, a professional association assistant helps your community stand out from others in Columbia Heights. 

If you're taking advantage of the investment opportunities in the Columbia Heights area, make sure you're serving your community well! Here's how EJF provides the best association property management to make your community 'the' place where people want to live and invest!

Why Investors Choose Columbia Heights

Columbia Heights is a historic Northwest D.C. neighborhood famous for its cultural diversity, high-quality restaurants, and hilltop views of downtown D.C. It’s one of the most densely populated areas in the district, with about 28,000 people. 

It's an ideal D.C.-area location for families, as well as young adults. One of the most popular attractions in Columbia Heights is Meridian Hill Park. Residents and tourists visit this park daily, using the space to exercise, read, and picnic. On warm weekends, the park is packed with people, dogs, and hammocks. On Sunday afternoons, residents and visitors will find musicians participating in a community drum circle.

The area also has plenty of tasteful restaurants, parks, and schools embedded in a highly-desirable residential neighborhood. Columbia Heights also has excellent public schools, plenty of sidewalks, and public bikes, giving the area a high walkability score that contributes to an active and healthy community.

Investing in the grand rowhomes that line the streets helps investors provide in-demand housing for a variety of people who enjoy this community. 

Association Property Management Makes This Area More Attractive

Columbia Heights association management services help make your community an attractive place for families and young professionals who live and play in the area. When your neighborhood is well-maintained with excellent community amenities and a well-run association board, investors and renters will compete for properties in your areal.

Columbia Heights is also one of the more affordable Northwest D.C. neighborhoods for investors. The median household value in Columbia Heights is about $569,000—making it an attractive market for property owners interested in growing their portfolios.

Despite the affordability of local homeownership relative to the rest of D.C., Columbia Heights has more renters than property owners. With its designated Metro station and a range of shopping and eating destinations, this area appeals to renters who work in and around D.C. With professional Columbia Heights association property management, homes in your neighborhood become more attractive to investors and renters. 

Why Choose Professional Association Management?

With a sought-after location like Columbia Heights, properties in your community need to stand out from the competition. The right association management can give homes in your neighborhood an edge over other neighborhoods that don't offer the expert-level quality of professional Columbia Heights association management services.

Your Board Can Offer More

Most association boards consist of volunteer residents giving their time to maintain the integrity of homes, shared spaces, and the rules that govern the neighborhood. Depending on the time and availability of volunteers, the resources you offer to residents and property owners can be limited—without additional help. 

Sometimes the quality of the association board and community amenities can be the deciding factor for investors when choosing a new real estate investment. Renters also compare community services when choosing a new rental home in Columbia Heights.

If your association doesn't offer the best services for area residents, you could deal with empty properties and declining property values. 

How Does Association Management Help? 

A successful community or condo association has an incredible responsibility to those within their community. Volunteers can do so much to better their neighbors—but they don't have to do everything alone. An overworked board can't enjoy the perks of their neighborhood. If a board has the reputation of being overextended, you might also have difficulty recruiting new volunteers when faced with a vacancy. 

Professional association management is here to help. We don't 'take over' for your board or remove your authority to enforce the rules or manage the community. Professional management's goal as your ally and asset is to relieve workloads and enhance and supply services that make your residents (and board members) happier and more efficient. 

From managing finances to property maintenance, the right association property management can customize a plan to best fit your community's unique needs. 

Financial Management

Association boards deal with budgets, resident fees, invoices, banking statements, and tax filings. It can be time-consuming work for a volunteer—especially if you don't have an accounting or financial expert on your board. 

Your professional association management team can handle these financial tasks for you! In many cases, our oversight of association budgets can help reduce costs and improve fee collection rates. 

Physical Management

Our team handles the physical upkeep of your community's shared spaces and helps enforce the rules with property owners. We also help investors maintain properties, perform routine inspections, and screen residents to keep your community in excellent condition. 

Administrative Management

Have you ever had an unproductive board meeting? It's a common problem for association boards. However, with professional Columbia Heights association management services, your board meetings can be efficient and effective!

  • Our team helps train your board to be productive during meetings and with member tasks.
  • We help facilitate and document meetings and prepare reports.
  • We also handle tasks like welcoming new residents, communicating with the community, and customer service. 

Online Systems

Offering an online payment system can make current residents happier and attract new residents! Professional association management can help your board upgrade digital platforms and make it easier for residents and investors to submit requests, stay informed, and check the status of their accounts. 

Choose the Best Columbia Heights Association Management Services

Not all professional Columbia Heights association property management offers the same standard of excellence. Maintaining the integrity of your community is critical in this competitive market. When choosing an experienced association manager, make sure you settle for nothing less than the best. 

  • EJF Real Estate Services is the leader in condominium and cooperative association management for the greater Columbia Heights area.
  • We distinguish ourselves from our competition through decades of experience specializing in association management.
  • Our team consistently delivers excellent customer service to board members and homeowners in the communities we serve. 

Our professional property managers are leaders in the industry, and we understand the local market—inside and out! We know what it takes to manage your community in a way that sets it apart from other communities in the area.

EJF professionals will guide your association to operate with the utmost efficiency through our knowledge and expertise of the condo and co-op market and local real estate laws. We also offer a wide range of services that we tailor to fit the needs of your community. Our innovative technologies give us a competitive edge to provide superior support and customer service to our clients.

We Guarantee Your Happiness!

When you work with us, we back everything with our Happiness Guarantees! The EJF team works hard to make sure we serve you well and exceed your expectations. However, within the first 90 days of our management services, you can cancel and receive a refund of your fees if you are not completely satisfied.

We can't wait to show you how we can help your association! Contact us to get started.

Columbia Heights: Cultural Diversity at its Best

COLUMBIA HEIGHTSColumbia Heights is a historic Northwest D.C. neighborhood famous for its cultural diversity, high-quality restaurants, and hilltop views of downtown D.C. It’s one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the district, with a population of more than 36,000 people. Grand row houses line each of the streets, making for ideal family homes as well as group living for young adults.

Columbia Heights is unique for its tasteful restaurants, parks, and schools embedded into a highly-residential neighborhood. One of its most popular attractions, Meridian Hill Park, brings in residents and tourists daily, offering space to exercise, read, and picnic. Its multi-tiered structure includes terrazzo walls, statues and fountains, and is conveniently located just blocks away from the U Street Corridor and Adams Morgan. On warm weekends, the park is dense with people, dogs, and hammocks, and attracts musicians on Sunday afternoons for a community drum circle.

Within the more residential parts of the Columbia Heights neighborhood, independently-owned restaurants, such as those on 11th street, attract families and young professionals. The area is also dense with public schools, sidewalks, and public bikes, giving the area a high walking score and attracting a large number of pedestrians at all times of the day.

The median household value in Columbia Heights is $547,710, a lower than average value compared to the other Northwest D.C. neighborhoods. However, Columbia Heights has more renters than property owners, with monthly renta averaging $1,334. Attractive Columbia Heights rentals bring many investors to this part of D.C. It has a median household income of $83,000, largely due to the density of young professionals and families in this area. With its own designated Metro station, and a range of shopping and eating destinations, an increasing number of investors are choosing to buy property in Columbia Heights. Columbia Heights property management companies are making the task of these investors easy.

If you are planning to buy an investment property in Columbia Heights, it is prudent to hire the services of an experienced Washington DC property management company. Property management DC looks after the tenants and the property and earns them attractive rental income.




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