Capitol Hill Property Management Services Maximize Your Returns

At EJF Real Estate Services, we understand that every property in Capitol Hill presents its own challenges. Whether you're a seasoned property investor with a broad portfolio or a part-time property owner, we offer the tools and services as an expert Capitol Hill property management company to help you grow and succeed.

Our D.C. team has years of experience that allow us to provide a full range of property management services with additional insight from our role in community association management. This allows us to serve D.C. investors with property in Capitol Hill—whether a condo or a rowhome—with exceptional skill.

We know that the community your property is located within is as unique as your property itself, so we match those services to the individual needs of your Capitol Hill rental property.

What You Can Expect From Us

As a property owner or investor, you have every right to expect nothing but the best service from those who serve you and your portfolio. At the end of the day, every property is an investment—and we're here to protect that investment.

You can also expect: 

  • That we offer tailored services to match the unique needs of any portfolio or community
  • Proactive, hands-on management to protect your properties and income potential
  • A simple pricing structure that allows you to choose your level of service
  • Open and timely communications with every client and resident
  • The utmost professionalism with every interaction
  • C. rental law insight and expertise.

When it comes to how we assist you as an investor, there's no such thing as 'too many questions!' We are always available to you if you need additional information or have concerns about your property.

This level of care ultimately originates from who we are as a company—and it sets us apart from the competition in the Capitol Hill area.

Who We Are

Washington, D.C. is and has always been our home. At EJF Real Estate Services, we care about our community, and we're committed to enriching it through innovative Capitol Hill property management services and responsible business practices.

We serve investment properties of all kinds, from single-family homes and duplexes to condos and rowhomes. However, our specialty is in managing properties within community association structures that require even more delicate care.

  • We currently manage more than 700 residential properties throughout the D.C. area and have achieved an incredible 97% occupancy rate.
  • We employ only top property management experts in the region to be able to provide you with excellent service, and our focus is always on high-quality customer service.

We legitimately enjoy what we do—and it's why those who have chosen to be real estate agents or property managers with EJF Real Estate Services continue to bring their talent and dedication to your investment property year after year.

Our Happiness Guarantees

Our dedication to being the best Capitol Hill property management company also means we stand apart with the guarantees we offer investors.

We pride ourselves on exceptional property management services and friendly, client-focused business practices. We want to delight D.C. property owners and residents every day you rely on us to deliver rental excellence. Therefore, it's important to us that you're always satisfied with the services we provide.

To that end, EJF Real Estate Services is pleased to offer these industry-leading guarantees in the Capitol Hill area to all of our Rental Department clients.

Leasing Guarantee

Thorough, ethical, and legal screening services are essential to providing only the best renters for your Capitol Hill rental property. We know that the residents who call your property home are the engine that powers every successful rental portfolio. Therefore, we take our screening process seriously—and protect you from risk if worse comes to worst.

At EJF Real Estate Services, we stand behind our comprehensive renter screening process. If we screen and place a resident in your property, and that resident defaults during the initial term of their lease, we'll waive our leasing fee when we re-lease the property.

It's just one way we're committed to raising the bar when it comes to Capitol Hill property management.

Payment Guarantee

We firmly believe that a property management partner should only get paid for excellent performance—and that means not being paid for our services until you're paid for your property!

  • Rent collection is just one part of what we do at EJF Real Estate Services, but we take it seriously.
  • We understand that late and unpaid rent has a direct impact on you as the property owner.
  • If one of the renters we place in your property fails to pay rent, you don’t have to pay.
  • Our management fee is covered until we've collected the rent for those we serve!

Renter Insurance Guarantee

Protecting and caring for your property is always a priority for us—which is why we guarantee that every renter secured by EJF Real Estate Services will have the right renter's insurance coverage through our Resident Benefits Package.

This protective package is included with every lease agreement through EJF Real Estate Services and ensures—among other amenities—that each renter is sheltered with adequate personal and liability coverage. We also carry out thorough inspections before move-in and after move-out to confirm your property's condition meets our standard of excellence befitting a Capitol Hill rental property.

Animal Protection Guarantee

If you choose to allow animals in your rental property, renters who have animals will be charged a monthly Animal Administrative Fee for each approved animal to cover the cost of any repair that results from said animals.

This fee can extend up to $2,000 to ensure the property owners we serve have appropriate compensation in the event repairs are needed. As always, Service Animals are excluded per the Fair Housing Guidelines. However, we find that Service Animals often make exceptional 'residents!'

In all other regards, EJF Real Estate Services offers this Animal Protection Guarantee to give you peace of mind as a Capitol Hill property owner.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We're quite confident that you will be satisfied with the Capitol Hill property management services EJF provides. So confident, in fact, that we'll give you 90 days risk-free to decide if we're the right fit for your property. If you find yourself unsatisfied with our services within the first 90 days of your contract, you can cancel  any time within that time frame—without penalty.

We stand behind the work we do and the services we provide to property owners in D.C.

Customer Service Guarantee

Our goal is very simple: Provide the best investing experience through excellent management of your rental properties. Communication and customer service are extremely important to us, and if at any time you feel like you have not received the best service, we will always go the extra mile to make it right.

Our Simple and Transparent Pricing Structure

It's important to us that you understand exactly what services we provide and are never in the dark about what you're paying for. We offer several packages to fit every need and budget, so you can choose the level of service that feels like the right match for your Capitol Hill rental properties.

If your property business grows—and we're committed to helping it do so if growth is your goal—then you can always upgrade at a later time!

Our Full-Service Management Package

This is the service package that provides our most extensive coverage and is a great option for property investors with a growing portfolio of properties. It's also an ideal option for property owners who don't have the time or resources to manage their properties.

You'll get access to comprehensive property management for a low 8% of gross collected rents. You won't find a price like this for the services we provide elsewhere in D.C.! If you own additional properties and operate them through our services, you'll gain additional savings off this price.

Our Leasing and Marketing Package

Leasing and marketing are some of the most challenging parts of owning a rental property, and this package is a great opportunity to take advantage of all the resources an exceptional Capitol Hill property management company offers investors.

This package includes all the marketing and leasing services you need to successfully find and place your next resident. The cost is streamlined and simple: we only ask for one month's rent to find your next excellent renter!

Our Lease Renewal Package

With this package, we use our expertise and cutting-edge market research to specifically maximize the potential of your rental property. This includes using advanced rental analysis techniques to assess your property, set the right rent, and attract your ideal renter.

  • The cost is a flat $275 per unit each renewal period.
  • Our team develops competitive leasing contracts for your property.
  • Advanced rental analysis tools to help make your property more successful.

Put Us to Work for You!

If you desire additional information about how we serve you, explore our services below or reach out to us with any questions you may have concerning your property in Capitol Hill!