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Tips on Dealing with Difficult Tenants from The Best Property Management Companies DC Offers

EJF Real Estate Services - Friday, May 28, 2021

Terrible renters will make your experience as a property owner very difficult. Unfortunately, they are everywhere, and you may be unable to identify them until it is too late. Some of them will always be late with their rent payments. Some will damage your property, and some will always fight with other renters. Your property management companies DC will help you identify and deal with them. Here are other tips for dealing with difficult renters.

Close up of female real estate agent giving keys to manLearn to Recognize Them

You must be able to recognize terrible renters if you wish to avoid them. The applicant screening process is very important. It is the step where you weed out the wrong renters. However, it doesn’t cover a renter's emotional state, financial circumstances, or personal situation. Therefore, it isn’t enough. Property management companies DC may help you identify bad renters. Their habits include:

  • Always complaining
  • Having no regard for the law
  • Being unwilling to pay rent on time
  • Always giving excuses

Remain Calm and Patient

No matter how frustrated you may be, you must always remain calm and patient. Listening can help defuse hostile situations. Good communication is a critical aspect of property management. Whether you are dealing with prospective renters or trying to get the wrong ones out of your property, communication matters.

Excellent communication can minimize stress and increase your profits. It keeps you out of legal trouble and makes it possible to make the right decisions.

Renters, no matter how terrible, always want to be heard. If you don’t take time to focus on what they are saying, and what they need, the matter could escalate. Give them time to express themselves and answer appropriately.

In some instances, the difference between a good renter and a bad one is in their communication style. Understanding that each renter has a unique communication style may help avoid conflict. While some renters want to talk about issues and get solutions right away, others may prefer to take things slow. They want lengthy explanations and solutions.

Maintain a Professional Relationship

Keep the relationship with your renters professional. Avoid the urge to form friendships with them no matter how nice they may be. Do not rent to your friends, colleagues, or family members. The key to a good professional relationship is trust. If you promise to do something, ensure that you stick to it. Going back on your word will make bad renters think of you as flaky. They may lose respect for you and your property.

Saying you won’t do something, only to turn around and do it can cause similar issues. Being true to your word will keep you out of legal trouble and make it easy to handle bad renters.

Keep all your communications professional. Follow them up with an email and document everything. Keeping documentation of your conversations removes room for assumptions. It provides clarity and helps in case of legal trouble.

Anticipate Them

No matter how hard you try, you will always encounter difficult renters. Professional renters are not just bad for your business. They know legal loopholes and technicalities and are always using them to their advantage. They will withhold rent as a result of repair issues and take you through a long eviction process.

Unfortunately, spotting them isn’t easy. Many of them know how to hide past misdeeds. Here are some red flags to help you identify professional renters:

  • Applicants with a history of litigation, evictions, or delinquency
  • Gaps in their rental history with no plausible explanation
  • A financial history that includes poor credit, bankruptcies, and poor decisions

Turning professional renters down during the application process is a lot easier than trying to evict them.

Real estate agent shaking hands with ownersHire a Property Manager

Consider hiring property management companies DC to avoid bad renters. They conduct the following processes on your behalf.

  • Contacting their past landlord references
  • Checking and verifying their court records, bankruptcy details, and employment information.
  • Documenting everything. They will keep copies of all the relevant paperwork, information from applicants, and notes from reference calls. Good documentation could make it easy to deal with legal issues.

The right property management companies DC may help you evict professional renters. They know the appropriate steps to take to avoid getting into legal trouble. No matter how minor, one slip-up could force you to deal with the renter for a long time. The self-eviction route may sound easy, but it could cause more significant problems.

Even though renters are essential for every property owner, the wrong ones can be your worst nightmare. Bad renters will offer you nothing but unpaid rent, headaches, unnecessary fights, and a trashed rental unit. They complain over every minor issue and have lots of excuses to avoid paying rent. The best ways to deal with them include anticipating them, working with property managers, maintaining a professional relationship with them, and staying calm. Give us a call today to learn more.

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