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Property Management Washington DC – How Much Can a Property Manager Save You?

jennytu - Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Property management costs in Washington, DC depend on the services you’re receiving from a property management company. There are two main components to property management: leasing and management.

How Much Does a Property Manager Cost?

Leasing covers everything a manager does to find and place a tenant. This includes preparing the property, making sure it shows as best it can, coming up with a strategy on pricing and marketing, showing the property, and getting as many people to see it as possible. Then, we thoroughly screen applicants to find you the best tenant. We want to screen who the applicants say they are, and find out who they really are. During the leasing process, we follow all federal and Washington, D.C. guidelines. For our leasing services, EJF charges the equivalent of one full month’s rent.

How Much Are Property Management Fees?


For ongoing management, we do everything from A to Z. That includes tenant communication and handling maintenance. You won’t get any more calls in the middle of the night. You’ll receive a monthly statement and an annual statement. At the end of the year, you’ll know how much you spent and earned on your property for tax purposes.

You really shouldn’t be thinking about how much professional property management costs. Instead, you should think about how much it can save you. Contact us at EJF Real Estate Services, and I’d be happy to explain more about how property management in Washington, D.C. can save you money.