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Expert Tips For Taking Better Rental Listing Photos for Your Condo for Rent in DC

EJF Real Estate Services - Thursday, April 29, 2021

Allowing pets in your condo for rent in DC can help you attract better renters. However, without quality photos, the best potential renters might keep scrolling by your listing without stopping to consider your rental property.

High-quality photos help capture the attention of your ideal residents. Bad photos won't attract any attention at all, and your rental property stays empty. 

Even if you don't consider yourself a "photographer," applying a few expert tips can help you capture your rental in a way that makes it stand out from other listings. When your property shines online, more renters will send in rental applications, and you'll find better renters faster!

What should DC investors keep in mind when taking photos for a rental listing? Follow these tips!

For Rent Real Estate Sign in Front of HouseLight It Up

A compelling listing can't do all of the work to "sell" your available rental. The photos must do some of the heavy lifting to grab the attention of your next renters and encourage them to read more about your property.

Dark or poorly lit photos won't show off your rental's best features or make your property look like an inviting place to live. Bad lighting casts unfortunate shadows and can misrepresent paint or exterior colors.

To help shine the best light on your condo for rent in DC:

  • Target daylight hours for your photo session to make the best use of natural lighting
  • Turn off the overhead lights (unless the room is too dark without them on)
  • Use artificial lighting that can replicate sunlight
  • Open the curtains and the blinds

The right lighting helps show off every room in your  DC rental home. It's worth the effort to harness natural lighting when scheduling a photoshoot before putting your listing together.

All About Angles

The wrong angles can make rooms appear cramped and distorted in rental listing photos. When using ideal angles, your photos help rooms feel more spacious and inviting. Good angles also help investors avoid catching reflections in mirrors or shadows on walls and floors.

Shooting a photo aimed directly at a wall or door can make a room feel small. When positioning your camera, choose corners and doorways to capture the entire room with plenty with a more spacious view.

Be sure to photograph each room at eye level or a slightly elevated angle—but avoid angles that are too high or too low. You want online listing viewers to feel like they are walking into a room when viewing photos to give the best impression. 

Tidy Up

A cluttered rental home will look cluttered in your listing photos, too. Even if your current residents have not yet moved out, take time to work with them to tidy up the condo for rent in DC before your photo session. 

They don't have to do a deep clean. However, rental photos should show off a clutter-free and clean space that potential renters can imagine as their next home. If your photos capture piles of dirty dishes and rooms with too much furniture, potential renters might not be able to see past the clutter. 

Selective focus of digital camera on tripod in modern kitchenUse the Right Equipment

While your cellphone might take excellent photos for capturing life or posting on social media, it might not be the best tool for taking rental listing photos. 

Investing in a quality digital camera is a smart idea. Many of these cameras are budget-friendly, and they are often a better option for quality photos than relying on a smartphone camera. 

Use a tripod for every photo. In tight corners or rooms with mirrors, a tripod helps you set the camera in the best spot while avoiding catching your reflection in a mirror. Plus, with a tripod, your photos will be crisper and clearer compared to attempting to hold a camera still in your hands. 

Hire a Professional

If becoming a better rental property photographer for your condo for rent in DC isn't on your list of to-dos, it's critical to make sure your listing photos don't suffer! Photos can make or break your listing. Bad pictures can make it challenging to find a quality renter, leaving you with a lengthy vacancy and income loss. 

Prioritize the quality of your photos by hiring a professional photographer. They already have the right equipment and can make quick work of capturing your rental with compelling photos that make your listing more appealing to potential renters. 

A Property Manager Handles Listings and Leasing

The best way to list and lease your condo for rent in DC is with an expert property management company. EJF Real Estate Services uses professional, high-quality photos for every rental listing to make sure your properties stand out from the competition. We also create compelling listings, post your rentals on every major listing site, and screen every applicant until we find the ideal renter for your property.

When it's time to find a new resident for your rental property in DC, contact us to learn how we can help!

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