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EJF Real Estate Services | Out-of-State Real Estate Investment Insight

EJF Real Estate Services - Thursday, January 7, 2021

Do you have a condo for rent in D.C.If not, you're missing out on an excellent opportunity to make money in a competitive rental market. 

If you live here, buying rental properties in the area makes good financial sense to grow your investment income. You can check on your properties from time to time, visit potential properties to research them in person, and if anything goes wrongyou're nearby. However, choosing rental properties in D.C. doesn't mean you have to live here or even in the DMV area. If you're an investor that's ready to invest beyond the borders of your state, our nation's capital is a fantastic and desirable choice.

When does it make sense to build your portfolio through out-of-state real estate investments? When you have the right local help, it doesn't make sense not to invest in D.C.no matter where you live. Here's how EJF Real Estate Services helps make it work.

We're Here for You—Literally

Growing your portfolio isn't restricted to the available inventory where you live. Going where the rental market is good is a smart way to invest and build long-term wealth.

How can investors keep track of properties when they don't live close by? Every single-family home or condo for rent in D.C. requires a customized routine maintenance plan and someone to handle rent collection and keep an eye on your renters. Unless you plan to take several trips to visit your D.C. rental homes and take care of the necessary rental property maintenance, you need local teams providing professional property management services to make sure your properties stay profitable. 

With a D.C. property manager, you have the local resources you need to build an excellent portfolio that creates more future wealth for you. The right full-service property management company makes long-distance investing a worry-free experience for investors who realize the tremendous opportunity in the D.C. rental market.

You can visit your properties if you want to see them in person. However, you can also continue your life abroad while your property manager and rentals build your passive income.

US Capitol, Washington DC, USOther Investors Have Their Sights on D.C.

If you haven't already looked into investing in D.C., you're missing out. Many successful investors choose the D.C. rental market because they realize that investing in multiple markets builds a more stable long-term portfolio. 

Out-of-state investing is common practice for real estate investors who know that following the best opportunities requires stepping outside of hometown inventory. Whether you're struggling to find quality properties where you live, or you simply have your eyes on a larger portfolio and more wealth through real estate, choosing a long-distance market like D.C. is a smart way to create more success. 

You Have Options

Choosing the nation's capital for your next real estate investments provides plenty of options for your portfolio. A diverse portfolio helps build stability and serves a wide variety of potential renters in the market. 

  • High-quality Washington D.C. rental homes are always in demand. Residents find a strong economy and plenty to do when living in the D.C. Metro, and housing caters to a higher percentage of renters than homeowners.
  • Young professionals and families love this area. Whether rowhomes, duplexes, condos, apartments, single-family homes—or one of each—make good financial sense for your growing portfolio, you'll find plenty of options to meet demand.

Choose the Right Local Teams

With a market like D.C., real estate investors need the right local partners for a successful real estate investing experience. The best property managers know how to help you find the best properties then manage them to add more income to your portfolio. 

When choosing the best local property management, you need local experts like EJF Real Estate Services, who:

  • Understand and stay up-to-date with D.C. landlord-tenant law
  • Can navigate expert rental services regardless of property type
  • Provide professional rental property maintenance services with 24/7 availability
  • Research the market to set ideal rental rates and maximize profitability
  • Screen for quality renters while following fair housing laws
  • Recommend smart upgrades to keep your properties competitive
  • Keep you informed about the status of your properties.

The right property manager does all of these things for your success—and more. You can invest in D.C. from abroad without ever setting foot in the district or DMV area. If you choose to make the trip, you'll find your properties in excellent condition with happy renters. 

Washington dc city pin on the map

Let Us Help You Build a Successful Portfolio in D.C.

Don't miss the opportunity for more long-term financial success as an out-of-state real estate investor. When you choose your next addition to your portfolio, EJF Real Estate Services is here for you. We have decades of experience managing rentals in the D.C. rental market, and our high-level customer service makes us an ideal choice for investors from around the country. 

  • EJF loves helping investors grow their portfolios with rental properties in this market.
  • We offer flexible service plans to meet your exact needs.
  • Our Happiness Guarantees mean that no matter where you live, your rentals are under the best professional, worry-free care—guaranteed.

Ready to learn more about successful investing in the D.C. area? Download our free guide to get started.