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D.C. Eviction Law Update

Admin - Monday, April 22, 2019

Starting March 13, 2019, the law governing evictions in Washington D.C. has been adjusted. Contrary to the previously required 14 days’ advance written notice, landlords are now mandated to provide a tenant facing eviction with a minimum of 21 days’ advance written notice of the exact date of eviction. 

Check the link below to download a sample Pre-Eviction Notice that landlords are to serve their tenants with active writs at a minimum of 21 days prior to the eviction date as stated by the U.S Marshals Service.

Also, we have provided a link where you can download a copy of Post-Eviction Notice that landlords are required to serve on all tenants immediately after eviction takes place.

PLEASE NOTE: Landlords must serve both the Pre-Eviction and Post-Eviction notices on the tenant via: 

  1. Posting to the front door of the leased premises; 
  2. U.S. mail; and 
  3. Email or text message to the tenant. 

Landlords must compulsorily perform all the three processes, and we strongly urge you to document each method by taking a photograph of the issued copies.

In a situation where a landlord fails to provide the tenant with 21 days written notice of the eviction date via all three (3) service methods stated above, then the tenant shall be entitled to have the writ stayed (or frozen) until such time that the notices can be served by the landlord. In such event, the pending writ will be quashed by the judge, and the landlord will likely have to seek an alias writ. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this change in the law

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