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D.C. Community Association Management Equals Professional Maintenance

EJF Real Estate Services - Thursday, October 22, 2020

Historic buildings and new construction alike present maintenance and repair challenges that can take up a considerable amount of time for property owners in D.C. Additionally, failing to devote adequate time and resources to address maintenance needs for your property or building can quietly cause property values to spiral.

However, this level of care and dedication for your community can be challenging when you're a member of a volunteer board. Even if you don't lack the skills to address maintenance, your time is better focused elsewhere. Essentially, you've likely come to the same conclusion every successful association board reaches during their tenure: You need a professional maintenance solution. You need skilled D.C. community association management.

The right association management team can provide so much more than maintenance! At EJF Real Estate Services, we offer the communities we serve a tailored experience to protect the value of the investment they've made in their properties—and homes.

Our skilled staff does more than shelter your sleep from midnight emergency calls! We save board members time and money while providing quality services, making your property ownership less of a burden while increasing value over time. 

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Professionals Work Efficiently and Effectively

No matter how impressive your DIY skills are, it's hard to match the speed and capabilities of someone who makes it their career to repair and maintain properties to the highest quality standards every day.

When you work with professional D.C. community association management, you pay for efficient labor—rather than wasting additional hours vetting new professionals or trying to schedule solutions yourself. Furthermore, professionals are better at noticing what might need preventative maintenance now to prevent a grand catastrophe later.

When a skilled maintenance team serves your board, the job gets done quickly and with an expert eye as to whether something else small needs to be addressed, so that no significant issues arise in the future that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Don't Wait for Tomorrow With 24/7 Support

When you lack routine and dedicated care, each day becomes a balancing act across the needs of the entire community. As a board, you've likely experienced certain dilemmas from living under these expectations:

  • Do we shell out for that one-time emergency technician—even though it may impact our finances?
  • Can we afford to repair that amenity—or do we risk our reputation as a community and encourage further damage?

As a board, you should never have to ask yourself these kinds of questions—and when you work with professional D.C. community association management, that's the peace of mind you receive.

Trust us to take care of your properties and community with the coverage we can provide as your all-inclusive solution! Our ability to contract at scale allows us to have a dedicated professional on-call for every emergency and daily maintenance need. Working with a large team of specialists ensures that there is time to focus on the kind of details that make EJF Real Estate Services stand out with our legendary customer service.

You may never need the 24/7 coverage we can provide—but having such options allows you to operate more efficiently and better serve the community you govern!

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Don't Waste Time Developing Your Vendor List

When you're one member on a busy board, you already know from your workload alone that trying to field repairs and vet vendors as a volunteer is already beyond your capacity.

Google reviews of that repair professional can't prepare you for everything (though a good track record on Google is helpful). Many D.C. property owners have experienced the disappointment of no-shows or shoddy workmanship and wish they could go back in time before thousands of dollars were lost to the ether.

Trial and error while attempting to secure the best maintenance professional is too costly to be sustainable for a community long term. Working with professional D.C. community association management services allow you to skip the line and head straight for time-tested solutions that work. That's just one advantage of working with a seasoned expert in D.C. who has been serving communities like yours for decades.

Choosing a local partner that lives, works, and plays in the D.C. area means you have a services provider who understands the unique needs of rowhomes and condos in D.C. Those who live in our nation's capital have certain expectations of their living experience—and it's your role as a board member to uphold that standard. Our role is to support you!

Knowledgeable and Professional: Your Association Management Choice

Owning property in any community—whether it serves as your home or as a rental home for another D.C. resident—requires the utmost care. Your community is no exception to this rule. However, to meet and exceed this expectation from the fellow members of your community requires the right partner.

How can you find the right management partner to meet this need? Once you've found one, how can you gauge whether they're the right fit for your community—or your investment properties within that community? Download your free copy of our Guide to Finding the Best Property Management Professional in Washington D.C. to learn more!