At EJF Real Estate Services, Inc., we offer a wide range of property management services to fit your needs as an investor, landlord or homeowner. We tailor our services to fit your needs.

What You Should Expect from Us

As an investor, landlord or homeowner, you expect the highest level of service from your property management company in order to protect your investment. You also expect an industry-leading range of services offered within a pricing structure that adds value to your investment.

Who We Are

EJF Real Estate Services specializes in managing investment properties. Currently, we manage over 700 residential properties with over 97% occupancy. We look forward to working together to bring success to your investment too! EJF embraces the latest process, technology and industry innovations while employing the top property management employees in the region.

Our Happiness Guarantees

We pride ourselves on quality and dedication to serving our clients. We are pleased to offer you both innovation and value. We want our clients to stay satisfied and happy!

To accomplish this, EJF offers these Happiness Guarantees to our Rental Department clients:

Leasing Guarantee

If a tenant that EJF screened and placed under an executed lease agreement defaults on the initial term for their lease agreement, EJF will re-lease the Property and waive the Leasing Fee, as long as the default was without Owner approval. *

Payment Guarantee

EJF is paid only when you are paid. If a tenant we place in your rental does not pay their rent as agreed in the lease, you don’t pay a management fee until they pay.

Tenant Insurance Guarantee

EJF Guarantees that any tenant secured by EJF will have insurance which protects the property … Included with ALL lease agreements under EJF is the Resident Benefits Package

Animal Protection Guarantee

EJF charges a monthly Animal Administrative Fee to the tenant per each approved animal. EJF guarantees to cover the cost of any repair, above fair wear and tear, resulting from the approved animal(s) that is not covered by the tenant’s security deposit. This specifically excludes Service Animals per the Fair Housing Guidelines. This Animal Protection Guarantee is limited to an amount of $2,000.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our services, you may provide a 90-day notice and cancel your contract with no penalty.

Customer Service Guarantee

Our goal is to provide the best experience for your rental property. We promise to offer you the best customer service available and will always ‘make it right’.

Our Honest and Transparent Pricing Structure

  • Full Service Management Package - Our most comprehensive set of services.
    • EJF receives 8% of gross collected rents.
    • Owners of multiple units qualify for discounts!
  • Leasing and Marketing Package - We manage the marketing and leasing of your property.
    • EJF receives one full month’s rent.
  • Lease Renewal Package- We use our expertise and market research to build competitive leasing contracts and tenant analysis to guide your decisions.
    • $275 per unit per renewal period.

Our Services

We have a wide range of services to fit your needs:

  • Accounting & Financial Management

    • Online Owner and Resident Portal Access
    • Provide monthly financial statements
    • Automated owner statements and annual tax forms
    • Offer both online and traditional rental payment options to residents
    • Pay expenses out of the rental proceeds
    • Maintain tenant and property files
    • Maintain tenants' security deposit in the manner required by law
    • Register rental properties with the appropriate government agencies and keep registrations current
    • Happiness Guarantee
  • Price and Prepare the Property for Rent

    • Industry specific local knowledge
    • Recommend a competitive rental price based on current market conditions
    • Recommend and manage repairs and improvements
    • Hire qualified and competent contractors
  • Targeted Industry-Leading Marketing

    • Industry leading marketing tools
    • Design and implement a marketing campaign customized to your property
    • Promote your property to the largest possible rental market
    • Prepare a brochure profiling your property
    • 24/7 booking system
    • Show your property on days, evenings and weekends
    • Low vacancy rate
    • Low time on market
  • Administration of the Lease

    • Prepare a lease with the landlord’s rights in mind
    • Screen all applicants
    • Enforce all terms of the lease
    • Administer lease renewals, rent increases, notices to vacate, and notices of lease violations
    • Manage late notices and escalation of past-due payments
    • Evict delinquent and problem tenants
  • Coordination of Move-Ins and Move-Outs

    • Collect and maintain security deposits as required by law
    • Oversee the move-in/move-out process
    • Perform a thorough move-in inspection and report with photos
    • Perform a thorough move-out inspection and report with photos
    • Manage return of security deposits after final property review is complete
  • Tenant Screening

    • Screen every adult applicant
    • Require applicants to complete our comprehensive lease application
    • Check the applicants' credit reports
    • Check applicants against nationwide Landlord/Tenant Court records
    • Check applicants against federal, state and local wanted fugitive files
    • Require written verification of employment
  • Maintaining and Improving Your Home

    • 24/7 maintenance request handling
    • Prompt response to tenant requests
    • Perform frequent inspections of the property to monitor property condition
    • Recommend repairs and improvements
    • Hire qualified and competent contractors to perform repairs and improvements
    • Preferred vendor discounts
  • Property Inspections

    • Regular property inspections help protect your investment
    • Ensures that small defects are addressed before they become major issues
  • Service-Level Pricing

      We offer multiple services with varied pricing, depending on your needs:
      • Financial Only
      • Leasing Services
      • Property Management
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